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Superspy - the fall

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'My husband had to work his passage across on a ship that was cobbled together for the war effort and was being scrapped.'

This style found its renaissance in 1993’s Menace II Society , a drama about hoods in South Central Los Angeles. The film’s directors, Allen and Albert Hughes, claim they took this from a robbery they had witnessed in Detroit in 1987. After the release of Menace , holding a gun sideways became de rigueur, both in films and on the streets. Of course, wielding a gun in such a fashion has no practical benefit, and grossly affects one’s aim. Given that beyond a few feet handguns tend to be rather inaccurate to begin with, you would prefer someone to shoot at you sideways rather than assuming an orthodox stance.

Superspy - The FallSuperspy - The FallSuperspy - The FallSuperspy - The Fall