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Thebes is the Latinized form of the Greek Thebai , the hellenized form of the Demotic Egyptian Ta-pe . This was the local name not for the city itself but for the Karnak temple complex on the northern east bank of the city. ( Ta-opet in formal Egyptian.) As early as Homer 's Iliad , [8] the Greeks distinguished the Egyptian Thebes as Thebes of the Hundred Gates ( Θῆβαι ἑκατόμπυλοι , Thēbai hekatómpyloi ) or Hundred-Gated Thebes , as opposed to the " Thebes of the Seven Gates " ( Θῆβαι ἑπτάπυλοι , Thēbai heptapyloi ) in Boeotia , Greece . [n 1]

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Nile - Orange Line / RaNile - Orange Line / RaNile - Orange Line / RaNile - Orange Line / Ra